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Your Facebook Profile Picture Size Changes (Again!)


by Dave Maloney
When Facebook updated their design to the new Timeline format at the end of March and we showed you how to add a cover photo, we were kidding when we said "Now you can do it all again!" But sadly, we didn't realize how soon it would be before Facebook would be tweaking things some more...just in case you weren't 100% happy with your new cover layout, on April 26th you get another chance to rethink your design!new facebook profile picture size shown

Nothing major, just enough to mess things up. The change next week will be an increase in size to your profile picture, or the "Icon" that displays at the top of your page and repeats wherever you post as your business on your business page and throughout Facebook. Currently, the space alotted for your profile picture is 130 pixels x 130 pixels (px). As of April 26, 2012, the new Facebook profile picture size will be 160px x 160 px.

The profile picture will still in the same left corner of your cover photo at 23px in from the left, but its increased size will now begin 210px down from the top and cover more real estate in your cover photo area.

So if you just got your company logo to fit perfectly in the old template, not only will you have to redo your Facebook profile picture, but you may also have to fix your brand new cover photo if parts or words in it are being overlapped!

We all know we have nothing more important to do in our inbound marketing plans than keep up with the design and redesigns on our Facebook business pages! But you don't want your company to look unprofessional either; we may all need to hire an intern just to keep our social media up to date!

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