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5 Dont's for Your SEO Strategy


by Dave Maloney
seo strategy to do list on whiteboardDo you have or have you thought about your website's SEO strategy, or are you just winging it? Inbound Marketing can deliver incredible results, but it takes effort! There never has been and still isn't a nice little piece of code that you can just add to your homepage and “be at the top of Google.” So with all the things on your SEO to-do list, here are a few “to-don'ts:”

  1. Put if off until later
    It's so easy to fall into “the website's up and running so we can worry about the SEO later this year” and “later” gets pushed further and further away. It takes time to build rankings organically, so all the more reason to get started right away! You already invested time and money into building your site, why not have it run at its full potential – potential you might not even know it had?
  2. Skip steps
    You can't have any pudding if you don't eat your meat! Have you been through each page of your site and made sure your page titles, descriptions, ALT text, etc are all the way you want them? And most importantly, (you've heard it a million times already) “content is king!” Does your site have valuable content for real people, or is it just written to appease search engines? If the latter, not only will any new traffic you get to your site will just click on through, but Google knows duplicate copy when it sees it and is learning to distinguish “low quality” content. So you're best off just doing it right the first time!
  3. Go after keywords with the highest numbers
    General or one-word keyword phrases with a monthly search rate of 80,000 sure do look a lot more enticing than longer keyword phrases with only 25 searches per month. Usually the more popular a keyword is, the more competition stands in your way of ever ranking for it yourself. When choosing keywords, you'd be better off focusing on long tail keywords, which have lower search scores but also lower competition. Longer tailed keywords are also more relevant to your business, which means maybe less traffic to your site, but the visitors that do come to you will be a better fit with you.
  4. Get as many links as you can
    The more “link-juice” you get the more powerful your site will be in the eyes of Google, but not all links are good for you. You want to accrue high quality links from reputable sites, and it's well worth doing your link building work right. The bad outweighs the good in trying to cheat.
  5. Give up!
    SEO can't be whipped through in a few hours, and the results don't come right away. And even better, you're never really finished; it's a forever on-going exercise! (Which is why so many of us are still at #1!) Don't get discouraged; have a little patience and you'll see your efforts will be rewarded, and it will have been worth it.


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